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Send Anywhere is the application file transfer that allows you to send a big file to other Android phones. Send applications Anywhere is indeed in creating for you, who find it difficult to send large files to your Android smartphone. by using this application is now very easily without having to wait for a long time, in an instant just large files would be faster in its transfer to other Android phones. This application features a very sophisticated and there is no application to be equals in the meantime.

Send large files on Android So Easily with the Application Send Anywhere-min

Here are some of the features of the Application Send Anywhere:

  • Easy – it is not required to register or login. This process is very simple. What you need is a 6-digit keyword to install the device.
  • Free Unlimited – Send all kinds of files, of any size, as much as You want.
  • Very safe – Safe send files directly between devices without relying on the cloud.
  • Anonymous – share photos and documents without sharing personal information.
  • Cross-Platform – supports all Android, OS Android, all Non PC platform, Chrome extensions, and web browser.

That’s some of the features of the application to send a large file without limits Send Anywhere. To use the application to send this file, You can follow the trick below.

How to Send Large Files Android with Application Send Anywhere:

  • Please download the application Directly send files.
  • Select files that you send will then “create key” create a 6-digit number to make the recipient password.
  • Then to recipient file that needs to be done is to enter the digital numbers that were made earlier. To default setting usually only 10 minutes then you are no longer able to send files. For that setting on the duration of how long would like to customize it.
 Download  Play Store
 Price  Free
 Ratting  4,7/5
 Installs  5.000.000 – 10.000.000

That’s how to send large files using an application Send Anywhere files transfer. How is very easy because the application send this file is indeed in the design to fit all users Android. To complete all applications Android can also install video editing application for Android that I share some time ago and hopefully, this dish will make you be easy using Android phones.

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