The Best 4 File Transfer Application Without Bluetooth

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File transfer application is an application designed for an Android smartphone for the sake of ease you guys transfer files or files quickly and easily, with this application you can easily send files with large capacity and can even send a whole range of applications.

The Best 4 File Transfer Application Without Bluetooth

Best Transfer file Without Bluethooth

Speed issues are offered in transferring files could not doubt, because this file transfer application has the speed that is so very quickly rather than wearing the device default. Here’s a variety of alternatives to sending files:

1. SHAREit

SHAREit app is a file transfer application designed as a file transfer tool Cross-platform and the world’s first short range, in addition, the application file transfer SHAREit has many superior features for convenience you guys for mutual transfer of files or file.

Features SHAREit Apps

Without Limiting The Internet
Transfer files or files without the need of data flow and without connecting to the internet anytime and anywhere.

Fastest Transfer
Transfer files or files in a fast 200 times faster than Bluetooth, as well as have to peak speeds of up to 20 m/s.

Transfer data or files to your mobile phone, computer, and tablet.

Easy To Use
For this file transfer application operate quite easy and very simple with just two clicks away.

2. Xender

The next file transfer applications i.e. applications Xander, file transfer applications function named Xender is not much different from the application SHEREit. File transfer application Xender too fast not to be outdone by other file transfer application, this is the feature that provided the application file transfer Xender.

Features Of Xender Apps

Without USB Internet and Quotas
Shy away from the USB cable and the internet, and without the need for quotas.

Transfer Of Any File
Allows for data transfers just about anything with any formats easy and simple.

Fast File Transfer
The fastest application to send files with a size that is large enough.

Transfer Group
Transferring files in groups even up to five devices simultaneously.

3. Apps 4 Share

File transfer application 4 Share Apps not far different from other file transfer applications, as well as the function of file transfer application, is also not much different from its predecessors. This application does not want to miss with many features in it, here’s the features on offer.

Features a 4 Share Apps

File Sharing
Can send and receive a variety of files with any format.

Backup Application
Pencadangkan provides applications to sd card.

Monitor The Most Popular Applications
Can easily find the most popular application at this time.

Supporting 31 languages
It has support for many languages that facilitate in its operation.

4. Share Application Links

Application file transfer to file transfer application three is called Share the Link, the application also has many special features that can be superior to the right. File transfer application that one also makes it easy for you guys to each other to transfer files easily, i.e. only by tapping send files or receive files.

Features Of The Application Share Links

Send and Receive Files
Share or send files such as video, music, photos etc.

Connect to All Brands
Not bound by brand or type of device.

Transfer via Wi-fi
File transfer without the need for an internet connection.

Transfer files to a pc or the nearest laptop after installing Windows.

The discussion about list the best 4 file transfer applications without Bluetooth for Smartphone Android, I hope this is very helpful for those of you who want to share files. Now no need to Dizzy-Dizzy again to transfer files or files with a large size, with this kind of application you can send like lightning. If you have another list please don’t hesitate to let us know via the comments field below. Thank you

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